Beer from 8 Things Your Pet Should Never Drink (Slideshow)

8 Things Your Pet Should Never Drink (Slideshow)

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We once knew a dog who refused to let you drink a beer without giving him a sip first. That’s all he wanted — just one sip — but he got his sip or you wouldn’t be left alone for days. So while we’ve seen evidence that a sip of beer now and again won’t kill a dog, it’s decidedly not a great idea to give beer to your dog. Why? The hops in beer are actually poisonous to dogs, and those that drink beer can, just like people, experience decreased coordination, vomiting, and central nervous system depression. However, dogs may have stronger reactions than people to just one beer: tremors, abnormal blood acidity, difficulty breathing, and the prospect of landing in a puppy coma. So it's really never a good idea to give a dog beer. If your dog just won't be happy without his brew, a company in Seattle, Bowser Beer, has started making a safe non-alcoholic drink that dogs can lap up to their heart's content.