8 Coolest Drinking Gadgets for Dad Slideshow

From beer to coffee, get Dad what he really wants this Father's Day

Kooler Klub Golf Club Drink Dispenser Flask

For the dad who wants to sneak a little hydration or buzz into his golf game, the Golf Club Flask fits into a standard golf bag and looks like a normal golf club. Once you press the spout, your beverage of choice (hot or cold) comes out! The flask can  hold 21 shots, nearly four whole beers, and about two bottles of wine. $50, amazon.com

Backpack Beverage Dispenser

For the sports-loving dad, the backpack beverage dispenser is great for tailgates. The double-sided backpack dispenser can act as a keg or a personal drink dispenser... at the same time.  $39.95, homewetbar.com

Roller Rock Whiskey Glass

Ah, the age-old dilemma: a cool whiskey on the rocks, or the boldness of straight whiskey? The Roller Rock whiskey glass combines both, with a cooling rock mold that you fill with water. When you drop the ice ball in, it hits the "rock" at the bottom so that it rolls around the glass, which lets the ice melt more slowly. That way, your dad can enjoy his whiskey neat while the ice melts perfectly, giving your dad a cool, full-flavored whiskey. $22, homewetbar.com

The Bottle Opening Money Clip

Have you ever seen anything that screams "dad" more? For those dads who still prefer a money clip over a wallet, or just love to have a bottle opener on hand.  $69.95, hamnmacher.com

The Bar10er

For the cocktail-loving dads out there, this is the Swiss Army knife of bartenders. It includes everything needed to make a crafty cocktail including a muddler, stirrer, reamer, jiggger, and more. $39.95, bar10er.com

The Chillsner by Corksicle

Beer lovers rejoice! This puppy is an ice pack for your beer bottles. Simply freeze it, uncap your beer, and slip it inside the beer bottle. They also have them for wine, if your dad is craving a chilled wine instead of an ice-cold beer. $29.95, amazon.com

Tequila Guns + Tequila Shooters

For the cowboy and Western-loving dads out there, there's the tequila gun. While this may not make you a sharp shooter, it's a great holder and decoration for the home bar. It also comes with shot glasses. $45.89, firebox.com


This is one sippy cup that Dad will enjoy having around. The Vino2Go transports your precious wine anywhere with no spilling and even prevents "party fouls" for those dads that need a little help drinking their wine. $14.99, coolest-gadgets.com