1. Because Audrina From 'The Hills' Likes Them from 7 to 11 Reasons Why We Love Slurpees Slideshow

7 to 11 Reasons Why We Love Slurpees Slideshow

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1. Because Audrina From 'The Hills' Likes Them

Courtesy of 7-Eleven

Sure, why not drink a Slurpee like Audrina?

2. Because Zendaya Coleman Really, Really Likes Slurpees

Courtesy of 7-Eleven

Um, sure. 

3. Because We Can Build Sand Castles and Drink Slurpees Next to Them

Courtesy of 7-Eleven

Hey, Nikki Reed.

4. Because Action Figurines Like Them

Flickr/ gerdes

The Blob figurine from the movie Wolverine. As if you couldn't find something weirder on a Slurpee straw. 

5. Because We Love All the Straws

Flickr/ orbinzebest

If you're not drinking a Slurpee with multiple straws, you're doing it wrong.

6. Because Slurpee Tops Make Great Cat Hats

Flickr/ bitmask

He looks awesome, doesn't he?

7. Because Slurpees Make Great Costumes

Flickr/ ashleyray409; Flickr/ shardayyy

Such a good look-alike. (The guy on the left is jealous.)

8. Because You Can Take a Slurpee Anywhere

Flickr/ ra_coons

Or, presumably, sneak them in anywhere. 

9. Because Slurpees Gave Us THIS.

Flickr/ Fifth World Art

Wine slurpee machines! Boozy slurpee machines! All the booze, all the slurpees! 

10. Drinking Slurpess Will Make You a Winner

Flickr/ jyllish

11. In Short, We Love Slurpees.

Flickr/ icrontic prime

Just don't drown in your Slurpee love — Free Slurpee Day comes just once a year.