Beer and burger

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3 Food and Drink Pairings You Shouldn’t Be Consuming

They may taste good together, but they’re not good for you
Beer and burger

Shutterstock/ Alex Kosev

Trying to be healthy? Stop pairing these foods.

Wine and sea food, coffee and cake, and beer and barbeque. Whether you prefer to pair your favorite comfort foods with an ice cold brew, or carefully select a cheese for your glass of pinot, there are many food and drink pairings that make the perfect combination.

Though your choice of food and drink may be satisfying your taste buds, that doesn’t mean they should be enjoyed together. In fact, some of the most common pairings have the potential to hurt your health.

Take a look at three food and drinks you shouldn’t be pairing together

Alcohol and Coffee

Even if you’re feeling drowsy after a few glasses of red, stay away from that cappuccino. The energy boost provided by caffeine has the ability to mask the effects of alcohol and trick your body into believing you’re not as intoxicated as you are. If you’re tempted to reach for a cup of Joe after you’ve had a few glasses of wine at dinner, try decaf.

Meat and Beer

Ever wondered why you feel extra gross after a big burger and a brew? Both meat and alcohol are processed by the liver. When your liver has to choose between the two, it identifies alcohol as a toxin and chooses it first. This results in fat floating in your blood stream, which is stored in fat tissue.

Tea and Milk

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If you’re drinking tea (rather than coffee) as a healthier source for caffeine, why ruin it by adding milk? Though the two create a tasty combination, adding milk will bind the antioxidants in your tea and preclude them from being absorbed. If you’re doing it for nothing but taste, fair enough. But if your main reason for drinking tea is for health benefits, skip the milk even if it’s skim.