15 Creepy Bars of America Slideshow

Halloween is around the corner and what better way to get in the creepy spirit than hitting up a haunted bar

Bridge Café — New York City

Located in the shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge, this creepy bar is rumored to have been run by a man named "One-Armed" Charley Monell at one point. He relied on a woman named Gallus Mag for bar security, who sharpened her teeth and would bite off the ears of unruly patrons, which she deposited into a jar behind the bar.

Ear Inn — New York City

The oldest working bar in New York City, Ear Inn has been around since before Prohibition, and the upstairs apartment was previously a boarding house, a smuggler’s den, and a brothel. Ghosts have been seen and heard around the property, in particular one "Mickey," a sailor, rumor has it, who's still waiting for his clipper ship to come in. 

Jean Lafitte's Old Absinthe House — New Orleans

This bar is in the heart of French Quarter, and the building dons the name of Pirate Jean Lafitte, who is rumored to have met with Andrew Jackson to plan the victory of the battle of New Orleans on the second floor —Lafitte reportedly still haunts the bar, so visitors beware.

Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop Bar — New Orleans

Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop Bar was once owned by a pirate. Shockingly, even today the bar has no electricity except for behind the bar and the location has survived two fires. A ghost that died in one of those fires reportedly haunts the bar and it’s rumored that if you look into the fireplace, you can see his eyes staring back at you. Maybe we’ll head straight to the bar and steer clear of the fireplace.

Pat O’Brien’s — New Orleans

Home of the Hurricane drink, this New Orleans bar is a spooky joint that we probably won’t be going into anytime soon, but the two most haunted areas are reportedly the Piano Bar and the upstairs Ladies' Room. Employees are rumored to have felt strange cold spots and heard footsteps in the Piano Bar area, and the Ladies' Room is said to be haunted by the ghost of a restroom attendant from years past.

The Pirate’s House — Savannah, Ga.

The Pirate’s House is a Southern haunt with a ghost in residence. A very rare edition of the book Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson hangs on the walls of two rooms in the bar, in reference to the fact that some of the story's action is supposed to have taken place in The Pirates' House. It’s rumored that Captain Flint, who originally buried the fabulous treasure on Treasure Island, died in an upstairs room of The Pirate’s House. Patrons swear that the ghost of Captain Flint haunts the bar on moonless nights.

The White Horse Tavern — New York City

This West Village bar is known as the spot where poet Dylan Thomas had his last round. Thomas reportedly took down 18 whiskeys at the bar and was then driven to St. Vincent’s Hospital and pronounced dead. Employees have reported that Thomas still haunts his favorite writing table in the middle of the tavern.

Dead President’s Pub — Wilmington, Del.

Dead President's Pub was voted one of the best bars in America by Esquire, but some believe the bar is haunted by a patron who slipped and broke his neck and died at the bar. Employees have reported hearing manic laughter late at night and witnessing objects moving on their own. We dare you see for yourself if the temperature in the room suddenly drops, as many have reported it does… 

One Eyed Gypsy — Los Angeles

This Los Angeles gem is spooky for many reasons (one being the haunting décor inside) but according to legend, One-Eyed Gypsy was once a brothel that burned down to the ground, killing everyone inside. Employees have claimed that the bar is haunted by the mistress who ran the brothel, but we say the happy hour specials look good enough to brave the potential ghosts and ghouls!

The Old Tavern — Unionville, Ohio

While the Old Tavern isn't open for business currently, there is a society dedicated to the preservation of the building. The tavern was reportedly a stop on the Underground Railroad and it’s rumored that the ghost of a runaway slave haunts the building and its underground tunnels.

The Gallows — Boston

This joint in downtown Boston is named after the haunted ground it’s built on, which was once the location of a number of 17th-century public hangings. 

Great Escape Restaurant and Bar — Salem, Mass.

It’s creepy enough that this bar is located in Salem, Mass., where the famed witch trials took place, but the Great Escape is also housed in what was once America's oldest active jail. The restaurant’s website tells us that "the jail was built in 1813 and remained open until February 1991. It was an active jail for 177 years, housing an unknown number of criminals." Today, the restaurant's design mimics its storied, criminal-filled history.

One If by Land, Two If by Sea – New York City

While this might appear like a great, romantic place to grab a drink, make sure you wear a helmet when you walk in the door. The bar is located in the former carriage house of the Aaron Burr, and employees have reported that a ghost throws plates and chairs at the tables for two. Burr’s daughter mysteriously disappeared while traveling from North Carolina to New York to visit her father and is reported to haunt the building as well.

Alibi — Boston

Boston's old jail house was converted into a luxury hotel, ironically called Liberty Hotel, but the bar Alibi has us totally creeped out. The bar has the original bluestone floors and brick cell walls and offers amongst images of celebrities and their “alibis." Some famous criminals were once incarcerated in this now luxurious Boston jailhouse.