13 Cocktails to Make this Labor Day (Slideshow)

Summer isn't over yet: make all the cocktails this Labor Day weekend

Effortless Labor Day Cocktail

When planning cocktails for your Labor Day bar, be sure they use versatile base spirits, such as Brugal Extra Dry Rum, and include ingredients that are easy to find and mix perfectly with refreshing summer flavors. This cocktail uses the best of summer ingredients: basil and cucumber. Click here for the Effortless Labor Day cocktail recipe.

Apple Business Cocktail

Labor Day may mean the end of summer, but it also means the start of apple season. This apple-licious cocktail, made with NOLET"s dry silver gin, is created by Theo Lieberman of Milk & Honey in New York City. Click here for the Apple Business cocktail recipe.

Slowpoke Shandy

Labor Day is made for slowpoke relaxation, and rum, obviously. This cocktail is made with Cruzan Single Barrel rum. Click here for the Slowpoke Shandy recipe.

The Montauk Cocktail

Not going to be in the Hamptons this Labor Day? At least this NOLET's silver dry gin recipe will help you play pretend you are. The recipe comes from Theo Lieberman of Milk & Honey in New York City. Click here for the Montauk cocktail recipe.

Raspberry Mint Lemonade

What better cocktail to end summer on? This cocktail recipe, from caterer to the stars, Andrea Correale, mixes raspberries and mint with limoncello — a winning combo. Click here for the Raspberry Mint Lemonade recipe.

Sparkling Blood Orange Cocktail

This might just be the best blood orange cocktail you've ever had, we promise. This party-friendly recipe comes from Andrea Correale, caterer to the stars. Click here for the Sparkling Blood Orange Cocktail recipe.

Summer Solstice Cocktail

The perfect way to end summer, this cocktail recipe is courtesy of "Liquid Chef" and author of 101 Tropical Drinks, Kim Hasarud. Click here for the Summer Solstice cocktail recipe.

Summer Wind Cocktail

Another perfectly summery cocktail with which to end the dog days of summer. Click here for the Summer Wind cocktail recipe.

Cucumber Cooler Cocktail

One last cucumber cocktail before summer ends: this cocktail is made with Hendrick's gin. Click here for the Cucumber Cooler cocktail recipe.

Upside Down Pineapple Cake Cocktail

Uh, yeah, this exists, and we're totally digging it. After all, let's have our cake and drink it, too.  Click here for the Upside Down Pineapple Cake cocktail recipe.

Hi-Teq Punch

Three-day weekend = tequila, right? No better excuse to indulge in a little Milagro tequila punch, if you ask us. Click here for the Hi-Teq Punch recipe.

End of Summer Sangria

Labor Day calls for a patriotic sangria recipe. This recipe comes from caterer to the stars, Andrea Correale. Click here for the End of Summer Sangria recipe.

Whale Rider Cocktail

Why yes, there's a flaming shot in it. Let's end summer with a bang. Click here for the Whale Rider cocktail recipe.