10 Things You've Never Thought of Putting in a Smoothie But Should

These ingredients may surprise you, but they make for some outstanding smoothies


Spice up your smoothies with these unusual ingredients for surprisingly delicious sips.

Smoothies are our go-to beverage when we're in a hurry and don’t have time for a proper meal. The convenience is invaluable. A smoothie is one of the best ways to reach your daily recommended fruit and vegetable serving requirements, too. If you’re like us, smoothie runs tend to happen all too often, which can make it pretty easy to exhaust the menu options. Plus, homemade strawberry banana smoothies can become mundane. Let’s change the routine and mix in a few surprising, but healthy ingredients that are full of flavor.Unique vegetables, exotic fruit, and flavorful protein powders can be added to your smoothie recipe to make for a much more unforgettable meal on the go. The possibilities are literally endless. We have a few ideas to revamp your weekly smoothie intake with creative alternatives. Many are inexpensive and can be found at local markets, so no need to plan a special trip to an overpriced gourmet store. Read ahead for exciting, atypical ingredients to shake up your smoothies. 

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