10 Drinking Games That Are Still Fun (Slideshow)

Harken back to the halcyon days of college with these ten boozy games


You’ll need: A deck of cards, a drink

Where to play: Uncomfortable family gathering

Next time you’re at a tense holiday get together, whip out a deck of cards before anyone can say “Benghazi”. Pyramid requires a lot of concentration but very little skill, so everyone will be too busy focusing and drinking to rattle off reasons your degree in studio art is a waste of money. 

Flip Cup

You’ll need: An even number of people, plastic cups filled 1/3 full of beer

Play when: You find yourself straining to make conversation with new buddies at a bar

Look, making friends is hard when you’re a grown up, so harken back to the halcyon days of college, where the most popular kid was the one best at flipping a plastic cup. You’re honestly not chugging that much beer, and flipping a cup with a finger is silly, yet difficult, a good way to loosen up and laugh until you find a commonality. 

King’s Cup

You’ll need: one deck of cards, large cup for the “King’s Cup”, drinks

Play with: Your college buddies

There’s something nostalgic about a game where you punish a bad draw with drinks of alcohol and each card has a secret code. This, the patriarch of drinking games, combines the rules of several others on the list and can get you pretty tipsy. It’s best played only with people who’ve seen you at your worst.   


You’ll need: A lot of quarters and a glass, drinks.

Play with: Your siblings

Got stuck at the kid’s table, which now has a median age of 25, again? No worries. Mom’s got glasses, and everyone’s old enough to drink. Turn Passover into a party. This game requires just enough skill to stoke those old sibling rivalries, but not so much the loser loses his matzo. 

Never Have I Ever

You’ll need: A group of friends who don’t mind over sharing, drinks.

Where to play: A bachelorette party where not all the guests know each other

Introducing your college roommate to your workplace bestie for the first time? Did Amber call at the last minute to say she’s bringing her weird cousin along? Is your bachelorette party quickly devolving into sober conversation about a sale at Marshall’s? Play this, quick. It’s a great way to find out how admirably deranged strangers are and a good way to get some dirt on people you thought you knew. 


You’ll need: a deck of cards, drinks

Play with: Coworkers

This card game is about power, espionage, and ultimate control. In other words, it’s just like your office, but the losers get drunk, which is way better than fired. It’s a fun send up of the maneuvering that goes on at every 9-5, or perhaps your chance to get back at Kim, who you know is talking smack to your boss. 

Beer Pong

You’ll need: Plastic cups, ping pong ball, table, beer

Perfect for: Birthday party!

Okay, there is seriously nothing special about your thirtieth birthday. You can vote, drink, rent a car, what do you have to look forward to now? Botox? But a beer pong birthday party is a throwback to a simpler time of dive bars and poor judgment. You’re old enough now to seem ironic and not just like an overgrown dudebro.  

The Name Game

You’ll need: Drinks

Play when: You’re meeting your significant other’s friends for the first time

Meeting your new love’s friends for the first time is terrible even if they’re awesome. It’s like a job interview except it’s usually pretty boozy, so the chances you’ll embarrass yourself are even higher. This game is easy and gets funnier if players are terrible at it. Perfect for hanging with people you’re trying to act like you don’t desperately want to impress. 


You’ll need: A deck of cards, drinks

Play with: Your significant other

It’s weird how you do everything with your partner: grocery shopping, house cleaning, dog grooming, whatever, but you go drinking with your buddies. Next time you have a night in, skip the Netflix and pull out the booze and cards instead. This game is all about lying; it’ll be fun to see if you can pick out each other’s tells. 

Liar’s Dice

You’ll need: Dice, a cup, drinks

Play with: Your parents

So your parents are in town. You’ve taken them to your city’s famous landmarks; you ate dinner at that place they saw on the Food Network. Now what? It might seem weird to break out the dice and play a drinking game with your folks, but you’re all grown ups now, and this is another game based on deception. It’ll be fun to see how well you can read each other.