10 Best Bars In Austin, Texas (Slideshow)

10. Deep Eddy Cabaret

Do you love a dive bar? This cash-only joint is right up your particular little alley. You'll find cheap beer, a great jukebox, and no frills — including liquor.

9. Rowdy’s Saloon

If you're inclined towards such riveting cultural events as bikini contests and mechanical bull riding competitions, this is the spot for you. Rowdy's won a spot on our 150 Best Bars list under Best Honky Tonk.

8. Barfly’s

This classic dive bar's motto says it all: "Our drinks are cheap, so you don't have to be." $2.50 wells, $2.00 Lone Star, and $1.50 High Life and Pearl — there's a reason this joint was one of our Best Bars for Cheap Drinks.

7. Mohawk Bar

The weather in Austin is fine enough to check this place out — plus they regularly run a $1.99 drink special, which is pretty much the definition of "can't be beat." We crowned Mohawk one of the Best Outdoor Bars in America.

6. Scholz Garten

Sunny Scholz Garden offers some great daily deals, plus great events, live music, and beer, beer, beer: which is why we acknowledged this place as one of the Best Beer Gardens in America.

5. Peché

This beautiful bar has a fantastic liquor selection and as we've noted before, their absinthe cocktails are what set them apart from the pack. Try the Absinthe God or Tru Blood (a mix of absinthe rouge and champagne).

4. Continental Club

This famous joint has been one of the best places to see live music in the country since 1957, and doesn't show any signs of slowing down yet. They have great show after show lined up every week, and the crowd only gets fuller during SXSW. Continental Club rightfully took the place of Best Bar for Live Music on our list of the 150 Best Bars in America.

3. Max’s Wine Dive

Max's is responsible for the combination of Champagne and fried chicken, and for that, we are eternally grateful. One of Bon Appetit's Top 10 Wine Bars, we've also previously mentioned our profound love for this institution.

2. East Side Show Room

With musical acts as diverse as jazz, western swing, and Russian gyspy, this craft cocktail bar's gorgeous, vintage-feeling interior is matched by their eclectic and thoughtful cocktail menu that offers options like a Spiced Gomme Sazerac and the Japanese whisky-based Kitsune. Zagat's term for their cocktails: "phenomenal."

1. Bar Congress

Boasting one of the 25 Best Bartenders in America, Bar Congress offers beautiful cocktails that feature ingredients like "black fig shrub" and "triple apricot preserves." Yeah, we recommend trying every single one.