Drink Quiz: Cocktail Matchmaker

Play along to find out what drink is right for you.

Sweet Red Kiss Cocktail

What kind of Valentine are you? Are you and your partner a perfect match? For those that seek the eternal wisdom of online personality quizzes for the answers to such questions, here's another one for you.

Introducing the Cocktail Matchmaker Quiz: We've taken the traditional dating/relationship quiz and invited it out for a drink. While we can't predict if you and your Valentine will live happily ever after, we can at least find a cocktail to partner you up with. 


1. When you're interested in someone, are you:

(a) Incredibly outgoing, not afraid to make the first move.

(b) Totally shy, hoping they take the initiative.


2. When looking for a partner, what school of thought do you subscribe to?

(a) Opposites attract.

(b) Two hearts, beating as one.


3. Kiss on the first date: Where do you stand?

(a) No way! Good things come to those who wait.

(b) Definitely, if they've earned it. 


4. Found that special someone?

(a) Found, yes. Now I just need to get my crush to notice me.

(b) Yes, we're head-over-heels in love!


5. Your ideal Valentine would bring you:

(a) Chocolate, a big box of them.

(b) Flowers, at least a dozen.

(c) On a surprise romantic getaway!


6. Flying solo this Valentine's Day? Are you:

(a) Fresh off a bad split and completely heartbroken over it.

(b) Swearing off relationships because you just got dumped.

(c) Single and loving it!