Drink Blogs: Last Chance for Hot Whiskey, and More Links

In today's Link Love, TXT Wines that didn't make the cut, plus the case for coffee with sugar

Hot Whiskey

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• One blogger remembers hot whiskey curing her of a cold. Sounds reasonable (above). [Our Lady of Second Helpings]

• Joe Biden mistakenly thanks Dr Pepper, instead of Dr. Paper. It's marketing gold. [Buzzfeed]

• The Hairpin brings us some (fake) TXT Wine names that didn't make the cut. Personal favorite: "RU Sleeping??? Booty Call Bordeaux." [The Hairpin]

• Apparently "candy wine for the elderly" is actually delicious, because it's Irish cream made from wine.  [Jezebel]

• In Savannah, Ga., certain coffee shops make their brew sweeter than normal, and always have it iced. It's like the coffee version of sweet tea. [The Coffee Experiment]