Drink Blogs: Jalapeño Cilantro Margaritas and More Links

In today's Link Love, how to order coffee from a pro, plus another Starbucks secret menu

How to Make Jalapeño Cilantro Margarita

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• Margaritas may get a bad rap, but this herbal concoction takes it back to the basics: smooth tequila, simple cilantro syrup, and fresh jalapeño strips (above). [Today's Nest]

• Here's what looks like a very official version of the Starbuck's secret menu. One tall Nutella please! [Buzzfeed]

• You rarely ever get to just order "coffee," anymore, so here's the best way to get your fancy americano, or something. (Tip 1: Leave your laptop at home). [GrubStreet]

• Stop by d.b.a. Brooklyn for some craft beer with a rotating cask beer, Cajun food, and a laid-back feel complete with a backyard garden. [Brew York, New York]

• Apparently, Albany Ale has a long, long history, where the prime location meant everyone in the area was brewing up some XXX or XXXX super strong ale. [Beer Blog]