Drink Blogs: Genius Frozen Margaritas and More

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In today's Link Love, why iced coffee is pricey, plus how to pair booze with chocolate
Frozen Margaritas
<A href="http://www.bluebonnetsandbrownies.com/2012/03/12/margaritas-in-a-jar-recipe/">Bluebonnets + Brownies</a>

Frozen Margaritas

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• Is it iced coffee weather? Here's a nifty tool to help you decide. [Is It Iced Coffee Weather]

• Speaking of which, why is iced coffee so darn expensive? [Grub Street]

• Get ready for summer by stockpiling your margaritas in mason jars (above, right). [Bluebonnets + Brownies]

• How to pair whiskey and chocolate (hint Orangerie goes with a chile-coriander chocolate). [Gadling]

• And forget wine: Cheese and beer actually do go well together. [HuffPo]