Drake Puts the Moves on with 'Sixteen Candles' and White Wine Spritzers

Wouldn't you have loved to have written this article? Us, too

While many adolescent girls pine for Canadian rapper Drake, none were so lucky as freelance writer Claire Hoffman. Hoffman interviewed Drake for GQ's April cover story and found herself in the pretty ornate backyard of his San Fernando Valley mansion, where Drake began to put the moves on Hoffman. Here are few helpful steps when looking to impress the ladies like Drake: 

Step one: Buy a mansion. It must have all of the following: an outdoor lair of horse stables, a tennis court, a volleyball court, and a pool paired with a two-tiered waterslide, as well as a number of waterfalls, and a bookshelf that doubles as a secret bedroom door. 

Step two: Ambiance is key. Get a glorious outdoor fireplace roaring and put some white wine on ice, because you know ladies love spritzers. 

Step three: Romance. Rent or purchase a classic '80s rom-com, preferably by cult-favorite John Hughes. 

Step four: Enjoy. Press play, have a sip, and delve into deep conversation about life... the rest will fall into place. 

With Sixteen Candles playing in the bacground, Hoffman goes on to talk to Drake about life, love, and being "25 and sittin' on 25 mil." A phenomenon who blew up before his first record was even out, Drake played the game that most rappers play when he first got on to the celebrity scene: chasing girls and having fun. Now, a little older and wiser, he wants to just go back to a simpler time when his relationships were a little more meaningful. 

"I'm trying to find the same feelings that I had for women when I had very little going on, which is tough," he told Hoffman. If thats what he wants, Drake should take a cue from that night's events — after all, a little John Hughes goes a long way.