Donut Hole Cake

The next perfect centerpiece for a wedding, shower, or birthday

Donut Hole Wedding Cake?

Move over cake pops, there’s a new adorable bite-sized treat in town. Introducing the donut hole cake. In today’s society, it seems as if everyone is on a diet, or at least watching their portion sizes, and therefore dessert guilt is rampant, hence the rise of the bite-sized and guilt-reducing cake pop craze. But now, donut lovers have a portion-controlled dessert as well.

Also known as the Italian dessert zeppole, donut hole cakes can be made in countless flavors, colors, and shapes, allowing your creativity to shine while molding to any party theme. To make the cake, attach homemade donut holes, such as our Delicious Homemade Donut Recipes , or store-bought donut holes to a Styrofoam center to add casual spunk to any party, allowing guests to just grab a hole and go instead of having to slave over slicing a giant cake precisely.


Donut hole cakes are charming, simple, and welcoming, so change up your party game with this unconventional cake idea. Because let’s be honest, who’s conventional anymore?