7 Do-It-Yourself Drink Projects

At-home crafts ideas for drink enthusiasts
Bitters at Saul Restaurant
Maryse Chevriere

Bitters at Saul Restaurant

Isn't there something about springtime (what with its theme of rebirth), that just makes you want to try something new? You know, decide to finally tackle that hobby or at-home craft project you've been thinking about doing forever but never actually made the time for.

 For drink enthusiasts the challenge may simply be deciding which one to start with. Below are ideas for seven different drink-inspired projects to whet your appetite.


DIY Project: Homemade bitters

Difficulty Level: Medium

Consider this an experiment for the card-carrying cocktail geek. As far as process is concerned, making your own bitters at home is deceptively simple. It requires little more than adding a long list of ingredients together and — for lack of a better term — letting them do their thing. The only real caveat is sourcing the more obscure aromatic ingredients like quassia bark and gentian. But hey, that's what the internet is for, right? Plus, the recipe for one base batch should make enough to last the home bartender at least a year.

Click for A Lesson in How to Make Bitters.

Click for the Saigon Cinnamon & Walnut Bitters recipe.


DIY Project: Liquor infusions

Difficulty Level: Easy

Tired of shying away from or having to adapt recipes that call for ingredients like "bacon-infused bourbon" and "housemade tangerine and serrano vodka"? Good, you should be. Liquor infusions are not something to be intimidated by. Rather they should be seen as an opportunity to express your creativity — play mad scientist behind the bar.

Click for 10 Secrets to Perfect Liquor Infusions.

Click for the Tangerine and Serrano Vodka recipe.


DIY Project: Barrel-aged cocktails

Difficulty Level: Advanced

This burgeoning trend that involves aging pre-made cocktails in used oak barrels may best be saved for the more experienced drink mixer. Introduced stateside by Portland-based cocktail expert and blogger Jeffrey Morgenthaler, it's a project that has been attempted by inspired bartenders across the country — even Grant Achatz has experimented with the concept for his upcoming cocktail bar Aviary in Chicago. Still, if you're interested in the challenge, check out Morgenthaler's blog post documenting his process.

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