DIY: Football-Themed Cupcakes

Game day sweets just in time for football season's main event: the Super Bowl

A perfect Super Bowl party consists of three must-haves: a good game, great commercials, and even better grub. With the big game less than a month away, it’s time to get your juices flowing with ideas for how to create a dish or dessert that not tastes great but is fun as well.

An easy-to-make, festive dessert is a football-themed cupcake. The cupcakes are topped with chocolate-covered almonds turned into "footballs" that can also be used to adorn treats such as cookies, macarons, cakes, or can be served on their own in a small bowl.

What you will need:
• An awesome cupcake recipe — or 50. 
• Chocolate covered almonds (we like Tuxedos Milk Chocolate ones)
• White decorating gel

How to make the decorations:
• Use the white decorating gel to create "laces" on the chocolate-covered almonds
o Put one line of gel laterally across the almond
o Then, place four vertical lines across the lateral line
• Once finished, allow the decorating gel enough time to dry before using for decoration or putting in a bowl .


Score a serious touchdown at your party with these. From first bite to last, you’re guests will come back for seconds.