Dinner in the Sky Brussels Takes Diners to New Heights

Hold on to your utensils: Dinner in the Sky Brussels edition

The Atomium in Brussels

From June 4th to July 1st, the sky is the limit for dining options in Brussels, literally. Brussels’s year-long food festival, Brusselicious, is introducing Dinner in the Sky, an culinary experience for adventurous diners and world renown chefs.

The sky-high restaurant is suspended by a crane above the city, where guests enjoy the spectacular views as well as Brussels’ high cuisine.

Diners are seat belted into their chairs while a crane hoists a platform of tables, chairs, diners, chefs, and entertainers above the city. Each week during the month of June, a different site in Brussels serves as the venue for this elevated eatery: the Palais Royal Square, the Atomium, the Esplanade of Cinquantenaire, and the Bois de la Cambre.

While the views from above these spots are impressive, the purpose of Dinner in the Sky is to make sure the food is as enjoyable. Seven of Brussel’s most renown chefs, Yves Mattagne, Lionel Rigolet, Pascal Devalkeneer, David Martin, Giovanni Bruno, Luigi Ciciriello, and Patrick Vandecasserie will prepare dinner for 22 guests at a time, 165 feet in the air. A recent menu included foie gras, lobster with lemongrass and crispy veal sweetbreads followed by a chocolate, caramel and coconut concoction. The meals are $315.