Diner Forgets $33,000 at McDonald's

Extemely forgetful customer leaves giant pile of cash at restaurant

A person could be excused for misplacing a pair of sunglasses or even a wallet, but it takes an extreme act of forgetfulness to leave an enormous pile of money at a McDonald's. But that happened last week when an extremely distracted customer at a McDonald's in Southern France left behind a backpack containing €25,000, or just over $33,000, in cash.

According to The Local, the diner stopped at a McDonald's location in Avignon for lunch on Tuesday, then wandered off.

Not long after, the panicked customer burst back through the doors in desperate search of his knapsack and the huge amount of money inside it. He asked the employees and the restaurant was thoroughly searched, but the backpack and its contents were by then nowhere to be seen.

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The story does have a happy ending, though, as Wednesday afternoon an employee found an envelope stuffed with cash in the restaurant's dumpsters. The extraordinarily honest people called the local police, who contacted the man from the day before and said they'd found his property. Before handing it back, they did want to know how he'd come to be carrying around $33,000 in cash in his backpack, but the man said it had come from a recent property deal.