Brad Pitt Eats a Lot in Movies

Take note of Brad Pitt's numerous culinary endeavors throughout his acting career

Besides his fairly recent obsession to do good while adopting a baseball team’s worth of children, there is another thing that Brad Pitt is apparently trumping any other actor in — eating in movies.

This Sexiest Man Alive alum has some 19 movies that show him noshing away, even in more than one scene. In the Ocean’s trilogy alone, he ate 13 times in just three films. Kind of fitting, no?

With an eclectic palate, Pitt was no holds barred when it came down to it. Luckily, some geniuses decided to mash up every scene where he chows down. Here are some favorites:

• As the angel of death in Meet Joe Black, he’s introduced to peanut butter by a friendly butler.

• In Interview with the Vampire, Pitt washes down a rat in the rain with some blood (delicious!).

• As the allusive Rusty in Ocean’s Eleven, he randomly eats shrimp cocktail with a hand towel draped over his arm.

• Pitt even eats his own snot as a classy redneck in Kalifornia. Lovely.

There are plenty of more stud-worthy moments; let us know your favorites in the comments section below.


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