Diageo Launches 'Think How You Drink' Campaign

New alcohol health and safety campaign incorporates humor into Diageo's approach to binge drinking

Think Before You Drink campaign

In order to get young people to reevaluate their drinking habits, the producers of Captain Morgan, Smirnoff, and Guinness Diageo have revealed a new campaign, aptly titled “Think How You Drink.”

The pan-European campaign was created to remind young people that excessive alcohol consumption can lead to “shame and embarrassment.” The hope is that the target audience will begin to alter their drinking practices and take health and safety into consideration while sipping their nextbeer or cocktail. The “Think How You Drink” campaign was kicked off with a humorous video demonstrating the effects of excessive alcohol consumption on people walking home after a night out. Through young person-friendly items like the primary video, the campaign hopes to “reach out to the minority that drink too much, make them think, and encourage them to change their habits.”

Starting in the U.K. and then expanding into Germany, Denmark, Ireland, and the Netherlands, “Think How You Drink” will be part of Diageo’s 18-month long responsible drinking campaign. Check out the video below — do you think it will curb excessive drinking?