Pepsi Confirms Doritos-Flavored Mountain Dew Exists

"Dewitos" soda is not just an Internet legend

One student discovered Doritos-flavored Mountain Dew on his college campus.

Move over, Cronut. The newest culinary mashup to confuse the Internet is a blend of everyone’s favorite college staples, Mountain Dew and Doritos.

When a Reddit user going by the handle Joes_Nipples posted that someone was handing out samples of Doritos-flavored Mountain Dew at the Kent State campus, other users were skeptical. It couldn’t be real, right?

But it is. According to Quartz, a Pepsi spokesperson confirmed that Doritos-flavored “Dewitos” Mountain Dew test was real.

“We are always testing out new flavors of Mountain Dew, and giving our fans a voice in helping decide on the next new product has always been important to us,” a spokesperson told Quartz. “We opened up the DEW flavor vault and gave students a chance to try this Doritos-inspired flavor as part of a small program at colleges and universities.”

According to the Reddit user who tried the room-temperature Doritos-flavored Mountain Dew, the experience was surprisingly not awful.

“It honestly wasn't that disgusting,” he wrote. “It tasted like orange with a Doritos aftertaste. It tasted like straight doritos afterwards though. Weirdest thing I've ever drunken.”

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