Devon's Seafood Grill: Modern, Light, and Divine

Modern, Light, and Divine

After passing Devon Seafood Grill time and time again (it is just two blocks from Michigan Avenue in downtown Chicago), it was time to try it. Devon Seafood Grill is swanky, relaxed, and built for socializing. The circular bar centered in the main dining room, high top tables aligning the ceiling-to-floor length windows, and inset booths makes it a great place for an after-work social gathering or casual weekend lunch (sans children, given the limited kid's menu). 

As for the grown-up menu, Devon has taken a fresh, light approach to seafood. Smoked salmon flatbread, lump crabcake melt sandwich, mesquite grill swordfish, and tuna sushi rolls all take on classic seafood entrées with a unique twist. Pass on the complementary "Bisqcuik" style biscuits and splurge for the ahi tuna tartare, simple but delectable. Served with crackers on the side, the chopped tuna mixes with cucumber on a bed of pickled ginger.

Unfortunately, the ahi tuna is only served as an appetizer, so ordering a side dish makes it a full meal. A great complement to the tuna tartare is lobster mac and cheese, mixed with a generous amount of lobster and topped with white truffle breadcrumbs. Pair the cheesy goodness with any of the 600 wines from the in-house wine cellar.

If you are not into raw fish, try any of the fresh fish options that include salmon, trout, and many other seasonal choices, all mesquite-grilled in Devon's signature style. Vegetarians and gluten-free dieters can also find non-seafood options on special menus, while breezy Sundays calls for brunch entrées like smoked salmon with potato latkes or Belgian waffles.