Detroit School Thought Cutting Lunch Would Solve Food Fight Problem

Obviously, parents complained and they reversed their decision
Food Fight

Although some of us may never have enjoyed the icky fun of a full-fledged food fight, it seems like a Detroit middle school has had one too many. CBS News reports that Mary McLeod Bethune Elementary-Middle School decided to stop serving lunch "due to irresponsible behavior that has resulted in numerous food fights," a notice signed by the principal said.

According to the notice, the school decided not to serve lunch anymore, requesting that students bring their own lunch.

While this may superficially seem like a problem-solver (less food waste, kids having to throw their own food at other people instead of the school's), it obviously did not bode well for parents or students. After receiving multiple complaints, school officials changed their minds and will be back to serving the lunches on Wednesday. 


"We do not withhold food from children as a result of their misbehavior," a district representative told CBS. The correct response would probably be detention, right? Then we can all have Breakfast Club memories. Oh, middle school.