Destroy Plates at Eli Sussman's New Restaurant, Shatterzz? (Updated)

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Eli Sussman jokes that he's leaving Mile End, opening ridiculous restaurant
Eli Sussman Opening New Restaurant | New York
Jessica Chou

Eli Sussman has announced he is leaving Mile End to start a new project.

Interesting news in the Brooklyn arena; Eli Sussman (younger brother of Max Sussman) has announced that he is leaving Mile End Deli to open his own project, called Shatterzz. Which would all be very exciting (so many zz's!) except, it's a joke.

The Mile End line cook announced on his website that he would open a full-service restaurant in Bushwick, Brooklyn, on Sept. 1 to serve lunch, dinner, and "sometimes brunch" (on the weekend, we presume).

It all sounds completely normal at the beginning: "Each meal with [sic] be a prix fixe. The menu is pan-Asian with a Middle Eastern twist and Mexican infused appetizer plates using market fresh ingredients with French undertones. The menu will change daily depending on what the oldest product is we have in house and need to get rid of. Each diner will get 1 appetizer, 1 entree and 1 drink for $30." Then this kicker: "Included in the price of your meal is the ability to shatter your plates and glasses at the conclusion of your dining experience."

Apparently, the name of the restaurant comes from what will be a Shatterzz tradition of throwing your plates, bowls, and glasses at the end of the meal, something that makes us think this might just be a joke. The description of the Shatterzz experience:

"We have 3 specially designed Shatterzz rooms for your shattering pleasure!!!!!!


Conquer your fear of heights with a 20 foot drop! stand at the edge and drop your plates and bowls into the black hole. Upon dropping, a strobe light will flash and fill the chasm with exciting colors.


Sick of being just another brick in the wall. A 10 foot tall solid brick wall allows you to channel your frustration against.


Pop (culture) up targets will allow you to test your plate and bowl flinging skills at some of the most reviled characters both alive and dead. Choose from these targets: Madoff, Osama, Michael Jackson, Randy Jackson, Simon Cowell, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, North West and Dick Cheney. We’ll be adding more targets each month!"

According to the post on the Sussman brothers' website, Shatterzz will open Sept. 1, and diners will have 4,700 square feet to dine, wine, and throw plates at targets of Kimye. We've reached out to Sussman representatives to see if this is just a super-belated April Fool's Day joke.

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Update: Eli Sussman confirms that it's definitely a joke, although he has no comment. Interestingly enough, the original post has been deleted (here's the cached version), which makes us think perhaps the Sussman brothers got pranked? In any case, we won't be throwing plates down a 20 foot drop (if only) in the near future.