Desert Dining: Where to Refuel at Coachella

Come for the music, remember the food

Palm Springs and Palm Desert are enjoying a whole new era in the spotlight. Once known as the Rat Pack’s second homes, their golden age seemed behind us. But with Coachella, the Ace Hotel, ubiquitous mid-century modern houses and décor, and a heap of fantastic restaurants, it’s clear that Palm Springs is back.

Of course, the throngs of hipsters flocking to the desert over the coming weeks are not traveling for the food. But they will need to refuel at some point and it’s just lucky that festival goers are in good hands in this cool part of the world. Norma’s at the Parker Palm Springs is bright, colorful,

chic, and serves tasty, guilty pleasures like fluffy waffles with heaps of whipped cream. Then, Koffi Coffee is a local favorite for coffee and snacks with a number of locations around the desert. (Photo courtesy of Flickr/Kenn Wilson)

Midday, when the tents at Coachella are full or, you know, you’re hungry for lunch, take a break and head into town for a meal at El MirasolJake’s Ready to EatTyler’s BurgersSherman’s Deli, or the Purple Palms. They run the gamut from authentic Mexican dishes at El Mirasol to Californian-meets-Mediterranean at the Purple Palms.

In the evening, you’ll find no better watering hole than the Amigo Room at the endlessly cool Ace Hotel. To remember the Palm Springs of times past, check out The Tropicale, and for a slightly more luxe dinner, try Citron at the Viceroy Hotel.

All in all, coming to the desert for the music and leaving with a handful of memorable meals under your belt seems like a win-win.