Deodorant Candy Makes People Smell Rosy

Rose-flavored candies deodorize eaters

Most people probably don’t start the day thinking, “Man, life would be so much easier if I could just eat this deodorant instead of wearing it.” But there’s good news for those people—on the off chance that those people are out there somewhere—because a new candy has come out that promises to make anyone who eats it excrete a floral scent for the next six hours.

There are a lot of foods that can change the way a person smells—garlic and asparagus come to mind—but that effect may finally have been harnessed for good instead of evil. According to Refinery29, Deo Perfume Candy contains rose oil and geraniol, an antioxidant that smells like roses and has been theorized to both fight cancer and repel mosquitos. People who are allergic to perfume can also be allergic to geraniol, so this candy is probably not a boon for them.

The candy is flavored like roses, and when consumed “leaves your skin with a beautiful rose fragrance,” according to the company. “Studies showed that when ingested, rose oil exudes aromatic compounds, such as geraniol, through the skin. When evaporating through the skin, geraniol aromatizes it with a beautiful rose fragrance.”

So far the candy only comes in rose, so a person isn’t going to be able to smell like Chanel No. 5, just roses.

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The candy is available for $7.99 on Amazon in regular and sugar-free varieties, and the artificial sweetener in the sugar-free option might make amplify the effect of the rose fragrance. Deo Perfume Candy says that a person should eat four pieces a day, and a 145-pound person will smell rosy for six hours afterwards.