Denny's Also Pledging Crate-Free Pigs

Joining Smithfield and Safeway, the restaurant has pledged to source pork from gestation crate-free facilities

Denny's, Phasing Out Gestation Crates

Looks like post-prom hot spot Denny's is going crate-free; the Los Angeles Times reports that the diner chain has pledged to source pork from gestation crate-free facilities.

Announcing their decision in tandem with the Humane Society of United States, Denny's plans to work with suppliers to phase out gestation crates.

The chain, currently serving 1,650 restaurants nationwide, will be joining McDonald's, Burger King, and Wendy's in phasing out gestation crates.

"We will endeavor to purchase products from companies that provide gestation crate-free pork and are committed to influencing our suppliers to share in a gestation crate-free vision for the future," Greg Linford, Denny’s vice president of procurement and distribution, said in a statement. "Working to eliminate gestation crates is best for our company, our guests, and our continued work to improve animal welfare."

Denny's switched to cage-free eggs in 2008.