Denny’s Offers Rewards for Check-ins

Denny’s will offer a year’s worth of Grand Slam breakfasts to groups who check in to the restaurant in all 50 states

Grand Slam breakfasts

Denny’s recently launched its first mobile app, and to go along with it, a competition to check-in to as many Denny’s restaurants as possible, according to

Denny’s will award free Grand Slam breakfasts for a year to groups who are able to check in to a Denny’s in all 50 states using the app.

To begin, players must download the Denny’s app. Teams of up to three people may be formed by inviting players through the app.

Individuals can compete without teammates, and the first single person to check in in all 50 states will receive free grand Slam breakfasts for life. 

Other prizes are available for loyalty that does not involve cross-country road trips. Ten check-ins earns the participant 10 percent off a bill. Twenty-five check-ins gives the player a free “pancake puppies” sundae. 

Denny’s chose to develop its own check-in app rather than partnering with other check-in applications like Foursquare. 

“We chose to develop our own app,” said Frances Allen, chief marketing officer of Denny’s Coporation, “because it allowed us more flexibility and functionality for future mobile campaigns.”

The app also offers information about Denny’s menu, nutritional information, and a restaurant locator. 

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