Del Frisco's: Seaport by Noon

Seaport by Noon

It's summer 2012. Sure, the weather does not always reflect expected norms...but on a day like today (95 degrees!?), you want to make sure you get yourself over to the Seaport District where beautiful views and optimal dining options are available.

My friend and I were lucky to catch a break in the cloudy weather last week and enjoyed the sun at a window table overlooking Boston's harbour at Del Frisco's.

They had just rolled out a few new and exciting items on their lunch menu - and we went for them:)

I don't usually order salads at restaurants, but when one boasts a size-able portion of deliciously pink Ahi Tuna, seared just right with a nice mix of greens, avocado and sliced, toasted almonds, it is hard to resist. This salad is fresh and light, the dressing is tangy and compliments without overloading. In fact, it is so subtle, it simply infuses the greens with a more complex and intriguing flavor.

For our entree, we ordered their steak sandwich with gravy and horseradish for dipping. This was my least favorite dish, but whatever shortcomings were far outweighed by the success of their Sole Francese (pictured above).

A lightly egg-battered fillet of sole topped with the most succulent and meaty lump crab is a delight right until the last bite.

Even though it was lunch, my friend and I could not resist a slice of their signature Lemon Layer Cake - six layers of moist lemon cake separated by lemon curd and finished with a thick and creamy lemon may think this would be too much lemon, but when it is a house made dessert, it goes down an absolute treat:)

Another great spot to enjoy the summer weather and view is Sam's at Louis, a neat concept, joining clothing store, salon and restaurant in one building.

Salads were also the favorite option here, I got their lettuce salad with daily vegetables and my friend got their quinoa and grapefruit salad with grilled chicken. Both were great chocies for a nice summer day. We also tried their BLT, but it simply does not live up to my favorite rendition made at Flour:)

Eating in the Seaport district has many perks other than the obvious treat of Boston's Harbor and sky line on a sunny day. You are also steps away from the ICA, where many exciting exhibits can be seen throughout the summer...not to mention they have a breathtaking observation deck from which unparalleled views are there for the taking.

If you can manage to sneak away for a lunch time slot, you will likely get to enjoy all that this area has to offer, without dealing with wait times and lunch menus are also often much more affordable:)

Don't miss the roof deck at Legal Harborside many options!