Deck on The Barbeque Pit


While it hardly seems P90X friendly, my friend Josh and I decided to give The Barbeque Pit in Seattle's Central District a shot to see how closely I could stay to my plan, and because we will be hitting more BBQ joints down the road, it seemed worth it to check this one out.

When we got there, we walked into a loud, but friendly conversation right at the counter. The menu was written on a white board, and the offerings were pretty simple and straightforward. Ribs and brisket were the dinner options, and pulled pork, chicken, and beef were available as sandwiches. A couple of traditional sides, and fresh hot links rounded the menu out. Josh ordered the ribs dinner with two sides and a hot link. I went with the most P90X friendly thing I could find — a chicken sandwich with an order of collard greens.

In an interesting twist, we ordered at a window up-front, but were told, "Eh, go sit down; you can just pay before you leave." We said okay, and took a table near the back, where we could admire the old-school blues and soul posters hanging on the wall, which matched the music playing, quite loudly. While analyzing what we might see from the Seahawks and Huskies this season, our food made it out sans hot link (it was apparently cooked on the surface of the sun, according to Josh, so it needed some time to cool.) We were definitely greeted by nice, strong barbeque aromas — a little smokiness and a little sweetness. I took off half the bun of my sandwich, and took a fair ration of ribbing for ordering and making an open face chicken sandwich. But no matter the joking, the chicken was good. The sauce was molasses based, with a nice sweetness to it, and a little bit of heat that hits the back of your throat in a pleasant way. The chicken was very moist and a little smoky. The collards were a little different than I was expecting — actually not as rich. They had a hint of sweetness to them, and did not really have the rich flavor of pork stock that I was expecting. They felt a little lighter, and dare I say, healthier, than I expected.

As we were leaving, we stopped to pay. The guy at the counter thought a little bit and then just went, "Ah, $20 sounds good." (I think when we added it up; it came to $23.50 which was still reasonable.) 

It was a good lunch, and might be worth a return trip, when I can try the ribs and offer a comparison to the other barbeque joints around town.

2509 E Cherry St
Seattle, WA 98122
$ $