Danny Meyer's Customer Codes Are a Lot More Intense Than You Thought

He's watching you... and giving you code names too

Last week the Times pointed out a couple of secret code names for guests (f.t.d. = first time diner, L.O.L = Lots of Love for the guest, l.o.l. = little old lady), and now Grub Street has gotten a mole in Union Square Hospitality to share a bit more abotu their lingo.

Turns out, Danny Meyer's hospitality extends far beyond a "happy birthday" code; Union Square Hospitality Group uses OpenTable to manage reservations, so anyone reserving a table actually gets various codes and notes attached to them.

This means N.L. or L.O.L. for customers that "need love" or "lots of love" follow their name around at any Danny Meyer restaurant, and these seemingly sweet gestures actually means that someone is very annoying.

S.O.E. apparently refers to someone with a sense of entitlement; NO FLY ZONE means that a person will not be able to find any reservations (usually meant for companies that make and resell reservations). But if you're generally a nice guest, that will also get noticed. "If it comes up that a person is super-nice, of course we're going to do everything we can," Grub Street's source says. On the flip side, "If you're an asshole to us, it gets written down and you're treated accordingly."

Head on over to Grub Street for more insider lingo.