Customer Pays $10,000 for Burger and Fries and More News

In today's Media Mix, a naughty cake pan comes in handy, plus the truth about wine tasters

The Daily Meal brings you the biggest news from the food world.

$10,000 Gift to Restaurant: Bob Erb, the winner of a $25-million lottery jackpot last November, stopped by a restaurant and ordered a burger and fries, only to pay $10,000 by check. Why? Erb, who lost a 26-year-old son more than four years ago, empathized with the restaurant worker whose daughter was recently diagnosed with cancer. [Vancouver Sun]

Michael White to West Coast: Hold up; much-beloved Wisconsin-born Italian chef Michael White is cheating on the East Coast with plans for a Los Angeles restaurant? Rude. [Eater]

Wine Judges vs. Repetition: At a California state wine competition, only 10 percent of the judges noticed that they were served the same exact type of wine over and over again, while the others changed their perception upon seeing the bottles of wine and comparing the cost. Obviously, none were master sommeliers. [Policy Mic]


What to Do With...: What does one do with an inappropriately shaped (NSFW) cake pan? Make wizard, rocket, and tree cakes. (Reminder: NSFW.) [Jezebel]