Host a Cupcakes and Cocktails Bridal Shower

How to give your girlfriend a boozy, sweet celebration

Host a cupcakes and cocktails inspired shower for the bride-to-be in your life!

Congratulations, your best friend in the whole world just asked you to be her maid of honor! Standing by a bride’s side throughout her wedding journey is more than shopping for dresses and helping with seating charts. You must act as her main advocate for her big day by calming the crazy that inevitably comes with wedding planning, keeping opinions organized and in check, and making sure everyone knows whose special time this really is. But amid all the heavy responsibility, you do get a chance to host a few fun events in your favorite bride’s name, one of them being, of course, the bridal shower.

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And if your best friend has an insatiable sweet tooth and an unquenchable thirst for all things fun, we know just the theme for you! A cupcakes and cocktails themed party includes all of the great elements of girls' night. With treats that will satisfy the old, young, and everyone in between, you can have a truly sweet party that will please guests of all ages. Add a few cocktails in there, and the bride's stress will just melt away! 


The best part? Organizing this theme is a breeze. We found some of the best recipes and supplies around so you can easily host a successful soirée. We even pulled together great gift, décor, and party favor ideas to help you get. To get some of our ideas, check out the accompanying slideshow so you can make your best friend’s special time something she will truly remember!