Cult Baked Goods Shop Federal Donuts Expands

Philadelphia’s Federal Donuts — a haven for coffee, donuts, and fried chicken from Zahav’s Michael Solomonov and partners — is set to expand Wednesday, Oct. 3 with a new roster of fresh-from-the-fryer donuts, fried chicken (wings and half or whole birds), and a proprietary blend of coffee from PT’s Coffee Roasting Co. in Topeka, Kan.

The new store boasts counter seating with space for 10, a substantial upgrade from the scant stools and "stand-in-a-crowded-awkward-group-while-salivating-for-chicken" experience that’s become the standard at the flagship thanks to its popularity. And speaking of that fancy fowl, expect to enjoy your wings either glazed with sauces like passion-fruit-teriyaki and dill pickle or coated in custom-blend seasoned salts, including a barbecue-like rub containing the same coffee brewed on the premises.

Those kinds of intricate touches are also apparent in new donut flavors — maple-bacon and spicy peanut butter and jelly among them, giving breakfast and snack time the upgrades they didn’t even know they needed.