Crocodile Escapes Lunch, Causes Panic in Office Building

The owner admitted he planned to eat the crocodile before its rampage

A runaway crocodile in a Chinese office building this week was traced back to the head of the company, who said he had planned on eating it.

It is not often that a person’s meal causes widespread panic at his or her place of work, but that’s what happened this week when a runaway crocodile sparked an office evacuation in Chongqing, China.

According to Shanghaiist, workers at a Chongqing media company were just going about their normal, daily activities when they received a companywide email saying, “there appears to be a crocodile in the office.” The email calmly instructed everyone to “evacuate in an orderly manner.”

People weren’t quite sure what to make of the unexpected email, until they started hearing their coworkers scream from the hallways as a relatively small, uncaged crocodile trotted past their offices.

"At first I thought it was a joke but pretty soon my colleagues started rushing out. I also heard screams coming from the office area," an anonymous employee told GBTimes.


Most of the employees promptly left the premises, but a few stayed behind to catch the crocodile. After the excitement was over, it turned out the crocodile belonged to the head of the company, who had ordered it from a crocodile farm and had it shipped to his office. The company head was understandably reluctant to comment on the incident, but he did admit that he’d purchased the crocodile with the intent of eating it.