Creative DIY Wedding Favors


I came across these mushroom stickpins and was immediately transfixed: “what a weird and creative wedding favor,” I thought. Indeed, these are made with sculpey (that great craft clay you can fire in the oven). I’m kind of obsessed with mushrooms and hat pins—two strange interests, a twain that suddenly met. The find inspired me to search for truly original DIY favor ideas that I hadn’t seen before. And I’ve seen a lot of DIY favor ideas. Some of these are variations on the classics while others are totally new and bold. 

Seed Bombs

Seed favors are pretty popular nowadays. Most seed favors are presented in little recycled paper envelopes or embedded in place cards. I haven’t seen any DIY seed favors… until now. These seed bombs are made from recycled paper pulp and ingenuity. You can mold them into any shape to reflect your theme. I love the implication in the name: that you can chuck these full force into the wilderness and they’ll explode with life.

Tea Cup Candles

I’ve seen candles in mason jars, candles in bottle caps, even candles in hollowed out apples, but candles in teacups is a new one. Tea cups are so quaint and delicate, and they’re readily available. I always see them at my local Salvation Army. These are scandalously easy to make. Simply pour melted soy wax into your cups while you hold the wick up straight. Let the wax cool and harden. The end.


These animal masks from Amy Atlas are so darling. I imagine guests trotting through the woods, hiding behind trees, making cooing and snarling sounds to delight the kids. Use organic felt, scissors, glue, and recycled ribbon, and let your imagination run rampant. Just an aside: you don’t have to follow an animal theme. Create funny face masks, masquerade masks with sequins, or mysterious Phantom of the Opera type masks. Match the masks to your theme or create something totally wild and unexpected.

Clever Cookies


Why limit yourself to chocolate chip and gingerbread when you can create edible works of art? These cookies are so creative (I LOVE the Swiss army knife!) I just had to include them here.