Create the Ultimate Halloween Candy Bowl

A Candy shows us how to dress up a candy buffet for the fall holiday

Now that the kids are back in school, it’s time to think of the next big event — Halloween. We know it's early, but we bet you’ve already seen the candy displays in your local grocery store and pharmacy. And here at The Daily Meal, you know we like our sweets.

What better way to dress up your annual Halloween bash than with the appropriately themed candy buffet. After all, what’s Halloween without candy? explains how to get seasonal this October:

"Taking advantage of the seasons is a great way to give your candy buffet some context and allow guests to connect to the décor. Everyone loves a holiday. Halloween is a great holiday for candy for many reasons. Not only is it trick-or-treat day, but it is also the start of the holiday season where candy makers introduce fun and novelty candy products that aren't around the rest of the year. 

Spice up your Halloween candy buffet with some of those fun candy-related items that you only see around the scariest day of the year. Those plastic pumpkins kids fill up with their trick-or-treat loot would be a great addition to a candy display. Fill them up with assorted candy mixes or candy corn to keep in spirit with the season. 

One great way to shake up your house on Halloween is to have your trick-or-treat candy displayed in a candy buffet on your porch. Decorate the walkway with spiderwebs and scarecrows to make the orange and black colored candy buffet barely visible to tots through the decorations. Yours will be the house they remember most! But be careful to monitor your setup, those little monsters are full of treats and tricks!"