Of Course 'Junior MasterChef' Is Coming to American TV

It wouldn't be reality TV if there weren't a million spin-offs, with kids

We should've seen this coming; Eater reports that a casting call is out for young cooks for an American debut of Junior MasterChef, a spin-off of MasterChef that has aired in the U.K. and Thailand.

The show is looking for kids between 8 and 13 years old, with "knife skill to match the professionals." "Let's just say we aren't looking for the kid who makes the best peanut butter and jelly sandwich. We want kids who can whip up more than a batch of cookies from a log of store-bought cookie dough," the casting call says. Naturally, we're a little offended because our cookies from store-bought cookie dough are fantastic.

But of course, the show wants professionals who are a decade or two younger than most. "They will have knife skills and be really comfortable in the kitchen, they will sail through a mystery box challenge without breaking a sweat, will understand how to season and won't be intimidated when quizzed them on the doneness of their soft-boiled egg or the sear on their scallops," the call says. Even scarier? They want readers to bring out that "inner pushy stage mum." Guys, have we learned nothing from Toddlers & Tiaras? Oh right, crazy stage moms jack up viewers. Lovely.

Watch a clip form Junior MasterChef Australia below.

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