Best Grocery Store Products

In the upcoming Cooking Light issue, to be released Sept. 14, they rank the best food products to buy

It seems like everyone and their mother is launching a gourmet Rice Krispies treat company (or something along those lines), and every company is hawking "healthy" versions of their treats, so luckily Cooking Light's annual Taste Test Awards sort of help filter through the barrage of new products.

While the issue hits the stands this Friday, the magazine's rankings hit the Internet this morning, and we got the 13 best-tasting items at the grocery store.

According to Cooking Light, the grocery store products are available in most major markets nationwide. Items with artificial trans-fats or high amounts of salt or saturated fat were not considered, since, you know, it's Cooking Light.

In the meantime, head on over to to check out their Artisanal Taste Test Awards, focusing on small-batch producers. For that list, "the editors didn’t focus on low-fat foods because when the quality is high, you can enjoy a little less and truly savor," they say.

Click here to see the Winners of the Grocery Store Taste Test, and the honorable mentions over at