Cooking-with-Kids Books We Love

These three books are full of tips for parents who want to cook with their children
Cooking-with-Kids Books We Love

There are a number of reasons to introduce children to cooking at a young age.

There are so many reasons to cook with your kids: following a recipe and measuring ingredients teaches kids valuable math and science skills, getting to know ingredients and cooking techniques allows you to teach them about health and nutrition in a hands-on way, and making a meal together is a great way to spend more quality time together. Many experts agree that introducing your kids to cooking at an early age can help them develop healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

However, the thought of cooking with your children can be overwhelming at times. Will they make a huge mess in the kitchen? Which kitchen tasks are age-appropriate? How do I talk to my children about kitchen safety?

Fortunately, as interest in food and cooking grows, so does the number of truly amazing cooking-with-kids books available to parents. Whether you’re a cooking-with-kids pro looking for a bit of fresh inspiration or thinking about letting your children help out in the kitchen for the first time, there are a few books you should check out.

Ella’s Kitchen the Cookbook: 100 Yummy Recipes to Inspire Big and Little Cooks
If you’re looking for delicious recipes (ranging from snacks to quick and easy weeknight dinners) that will inspire enthusiasm for healthy eating, then this is the book for you. The recipes are easy to follow and easy for kids to help out with. Plus, the cookbook is chock-full of fun food-related activities; there are even spots for your child to color in the cookbook!

(Credit: Octopus Publishing)

National Geographic Kids Cookbook: A year-Round Fun Food Adventure
National Geographic explorer, chef, and cookbook author Barton Seaver says, “Mealtime should be about more than just nourishing your body. It should also be about broadening your horizons and creating memories for you and your family.” And we agree. This exciting cookbook, divided into 12 sections (one for each month), has more than just kid-friendly recipes; this book will help your child explore healthy eating, food politics, and kitchen science right from your own home.

(Credit: National Geographic Society)

My First Baking Book: 50 Recipes for Kids to Make and Eat!
No meal is complete without dessert and this baking book has plenty of sweet ideas. From edible “sand” castles to funny-face cupcakes, your children will love helping out with these recipes. The book even designates a special symbol (which you’ll find in the recipe text) to indicate which steps are appropriate for your child to do on his or her own.

(Credit: Octopus Publishing)

If you’re looking for more cooking-with-kids ideas, check out some of the ways your child can help with dinner, or these fun and healthy desserts you can make together.

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