The Cookie Dunk Test

8 panelists, 8 popular cookies, and 2 percent milk

Milk and Cookies: The Classic Combo

What makes a cookie perfect for dunking?

For most of us, this is a question that’s answered by our subconscious before we can even properly pronounce the word "chocolate." If it falls apart, it’s a dud. If it doesn’t absorb anything, it’s a dud. If it’s too big to fit in the glass, that’s a potential deal breaker. But if that cookie soaks up the milk, keeps its form, and retains just that little bit of crunch, the simple act of dunking a cookie in milk can be a revelatory experience.

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But which store-bought cookies are in fact the best ones out there for dipping? We had a feeling that there might be a few surprises in store, so we gathered a crack team of cookie experts to conduct an official experiment. They’d keep track of the ideal length of time for optimal milk absorption, grade their opinions on a scale of 60 to 100, and take careful notes about the textures, flavors, and overall dunking experience.

To choose the cookies, we decided to stay as close to the classics as possible. All of these can be found in your average grocery store, and on the outside they all appear as if they’d be ideal to dunk in milk. We decided to go with 2 percent milk, as it wouldn’t be as watery as skim milk or as rich as whole milk.


Dunking cookies into milk is about finding that perfect, happy medium, and we think we’ve found it. Read on to learn which cookies are the best for dipping, and which ones you’d be better off eating right out of the box.