The World's Best Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes

Keep the celebration going with these incredible Thanksgiving leftovers recipes
Dale Talde's Pork and Chive Stuffing

The New York chef shares his recipe for pork and chive stuffing, a twist on the Thanksgiving classic.

The World's Best Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes


This Thanksgiving leftovers sandwich is perfect for a quick Black Friday lunch.

Are the leftovers your favorite part of Thanksgiving? Well we are with you on that one. To make the most of your leftover turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, and more this year, we have rounded up a few of our favorite recipes that go above and beyond the call of duty to breathe life back into yesterday’s Turkey Day feast.

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You can opt for classics, like a post-Thanksgiving Day mega sandwich, namely this recipe for the Ultimate Leftover Thanksgiving Sandwich  piled high with fresh carved turkey, sweet and tangy cranberry sauce, and stuffing. Of course, you can add the so-called “moist maker” — a piece of bread soaked in gravy — to make this sandwich even more decadent.

Looking for something lighter after that marathon turkey feast? Try this recipe for a Turkey Waldorf Sandwich that swaps out heavy stuffing for a few veggies and some fresh sprouts. Don’t forget there is more to Thanksgiving leftovers than sandwiches. Try this creative recipe that uses leftover turkey and cranberry sauce for a Thanksgiving Mac and Cheese.

The accompanying slideshow is provided by special contributor, Julie Ruggirello.


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