What’s Growing? Ideas from the Ball Brand Interactive Canning Map

Use this map to stay up to date on seasonal produce

Farmers’ markets are starting to sprout up and gardens are not just being planted, but beginning to yield harvest as summer is approaching. 

What better way to celebrate the season than cooking up a meal for family and friends featuring fresh and in season produce? Enjoy what’s ripe in your area and discover delicious recipes from the Ball brand Interactive Canning Map.

Right now, cabbage and okra are the stars in the Southern region while beets and rhubarb are shining in the West. If you live in the Central region, look for cherries, peas and strawberries and if you’re in the Northeast you’ll want to grab some asparagus and spinach!

Orange Rhubarb Chutney

If you’re living out West, you’ll definitely want to pick up some rhubarb and try this recipe for Orange Rhubarb Chutney. With the combination of spices and sweet notes of orange, the flavors are sure to stand out. This condiment pairs great with vegetable or poultry dishes!

Pickled Okra

We love the idea of pickled okra and this recipe from Chef Hugh Acheson. If you’re living in the South, this pickle recipe featuring in season okra is certain to impress when paired with cocktails or the perfect BBQ platter.

Strawberry Lemon Marmalade

Nothing screams summer like fresh strawberries! If you’re out in the Central region try this flavor packed marmalade featuring sweet in season strawberries and tart lemon. It makes for a great spread for breakfast or a midday snack.


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