Tom Douglas Shares Recipes and Food Philosophy as Part of Macy’s Culinary Council

Chef Douglas prepares an American brunch using some of his favorite recipes

Chef Douglas prepares the ingredients for the salad

When Chef Tom Douglas came to the Macy’s Culinary Council event at Macy’s Southdale in Edina, Minnesota, it was clear he was there to have fun—and he took the audience right along for the ride, even doing an Ellen Degeneres-style selfie with the crowd.

For the event, which celebrated the joys of summer and American Icons, the Seattle-based chef and entrepreneur prepared a traditional American brunch featuring some of his favorite recipes from his latest cookbook “The Dahlia Bakery Cookbook.”


Macy's Culinary Council

Teamwork makes the dream work. Chef Tom Douglas was assisted by Macy’s Chef Susan Johnson

Burnt sugar ginger lemonade, garnished with edible flowers, started the party. That was followed by strawberries with basil honey yogurt and granola, featuring the very granola he serves at Dahlia Bakery in Seattle.  While many in the crowd had made parfaits, he showed ways to make the brunch favorite even better at home, such as straining yogurt for a thicker, more flavorful result.

The cornbread and maple sausage pudding, similar to a breakfast strata, was a crowd favorite that had people paging through their recipe cards to make at home. It was the same dish his wife makes every year for Christmas morning. “I get up HOURS before her so I put it in the oven," he joked.

crab salad

Macy's Culinary Council

The Dungeness crab salad with asparagus, avocado and lime vinaigrette was as colorful as it was flavorful

His final dish, the Dungeness crab salad with asparagus, avocado and lime vinaigrette was not only a flavorful treat but a visual feast perfect for a summer table.

He made these dishes while sipping champagne, sharing personal anecdotes and offering wisdom for the kitchen. The best cookware to buy, how to select a cutting board and the importance of finding knives that fit your hand were among his nuggets of culinary wisdom he shared.

The James Beard award winning chef who operates several restaurants in the Pacific Northwest, and other food-related ventures is clearly a man who knows his way around the kitchen, yet remains relatable to the audience. After all, it’s hard not to relate to a man who admits a love for Chinese BBQ.

cookbook signing

Macy's Culinary Council

Chef Douglas signed copies of his latest cookbook, “The Dahlia Bakery Cookbook” following the cooking demonstration. It was a highlight of this woman’s 87th birthday celebration

 “I get it to take it home but I usually end up sitting in my car and eating it before I’ve left the parking lot because it’s so good,” he says with a smile.


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