Avocado, egg, and lobster sandwiches
Jenny Shea Rawn

Summer Dishes for the Perfect Menu

Light and healthy summer recipes that will have everyone craving seconds

Summer is officially here and that means BBQs, picnics, parties and more.

Whether you are hosting friends and family or a guest at someone’s party, it’s important to have a delicious menu. Pete and Gerry’s Organic Eggs has light and healthy summer recipes that will have everyone wanting seconds.

Run Far Girl

Grandma’s Potato & Egg Salad

It wouldn’t be summer without egg salad and potato salad! Why not combine the two for a perfect side dish? Cut down on the cooking time with Pete and Gerry’s new Organic Hard Boiled Eggs—they’re pre-boiled and pre-peeled to get you out of the kitchen faster.

Foodness Gracious

Cloud Eggs

Hosting a brunch? Cloud eggs are all the rage. Try the trend for yourself with this savory, melt in your mouth recipe using Gruyere cheese and bacon. Make sure you’re choosing eggs that are Certified Humane Free Range. Free range hens have plenty of access to the outdoors and fresh grass, making the egg yolks a more vibrant yellow.

All Day I Dream About Food

Frozen strawberry lemonade pie

Berries are finally in season so put them to good use. Grab some fresh strawberries, eggs, and lemon juice, and get baking. Try making this pie the night before your party—it needs about 6 hours in the freezer.

Jenny Shea Rawn

Avocado, egg, and lobster sandwiches

Avocado, egg, and lobster sandwiches are a great option for those who don’t like cheeseburgers or hotdogs. Pro tip: you can toast the baguette right on the grill and then assemble the sandwich inside—yum!

For more summer recipes, visit www.peteandgerrys.com and get acquainted with The Good Eggs.

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