A Spiral Slicer Is a Must-Have Kitchen Gadget That Won’t Break the Bank

A Spiral Slicer Is a Must-Have Kitchen Gadget That Won’t Break the Bank

Get your hands on one of these and zoodle to your heart’s content!

Vegetable noodles seem to be everywhere these days — a healthy eating trend that has taken the world by storm with supermarket shelves lined with fresh varieties and freezer sections full of frozen options to boot. With diet trends like paleo, keto, and raw veganism on the rise, a growing interest in pasta alternatives is no surprise.

Back in the day, the only vegetable pasta alternative around was spaghetti squash, with its long, thin strands taking pasta’s place in many a marinara. But these days, the world is your zoodle! If you want to try to transform a turnip into tagliatelle, by all means, go for it. Craving a carrot-ribbon carbonara? All you need to do is spiralize! It really is that simple.

If all of this sounds fine and dandy, but the ever growing market of spiralizers seems like a daunting thing to sift through, never fear. The Daily Meal’s sister site BestReviews has got you covered. They did all the research so you don’t have to and rated their top five spiral slicers for readers to choose from. The spiral slicer that came out on top was the Spiralizer Tri-Blade, a brand whose name has become synonymous with spiral-sliced vegetables, which they deemed the best spiral slicing tool on the market.


With over 9,000 reviews on Amazon (80 percent of which were five star), it looks like users agree that this is the best tool for the job. It comes with three separate blades and a lifetime guarantee and might just become one of you most essential kitchen tools.

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