This Scale Teaches You How to Cook

Use the Drop kitchen scale to help you cook and bake perfectly with step-by-step instructions

The Drop kitchen scale also provides step-by-step tutorials while you cook.

Keep a personal cooking instructor in the kitchen with you at all times with Drop, a wireless Bluetooth-enabled scale that takes you through recipes in its database with step-by-step instructions.

Earlier this year we were invited to test out the Drop scale. We were intrigued at the possibility of learning how to cook from a kitchen scale. After playing with the scale and the app, we found that it functions as promised. You interact with a recipe through each step, and the scale intuitively guides you through the cooking process, offering short videos for steps that may be a bit tricky and a kitchen timer with an alarm when food goes into the oven or rests.

The recipes are almost fail-proof; each recipe goes through a rigorous testing process in the Drop test kitchen before being posted on the app.

Drop Kitchen Scale


Although this is a great product that takes the fear out of cooking, it’s easy to become a sheep and blindly take the scale’s direction. We found ourselves (seasoned bakers) following directions without using common sense. For example, we took a sheet of brownies out of the oven when the app told us to, without checking to make sure they were done. While undercooked brownies are deliciously messy, it’s important to note there are some things the app can’t do for you.

Up until recently, you needed an iPad 3 or later version to use the Drop Kitchen recipe app (available for free in the App Store). Now you can use the Drop scale ($99.99 on the site) on your iPhone, though the iPhone app does not have all of the capabilities of the iPad app.


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