Veggie Tacos

18 Recipes to Make Your Labor Day Party Stand Out

Make the last grill of the season special with some standout flavors
Veggie Tacos

Labor Day is always a great excuse to break out the old imagination and think of something a little different to whip-up. Some of the all-time favorites include barbecue ribs and smoked brisket, but we’ve compiled a list below with an emphasis on small bites to rile-up your guests’ appetites. One thing that can really make a party memorable is giving careful thought to those initial snacks and drinks that welcome your guests. 

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Another thing you might like to try is holding the party in a smaller space — it can often feel a little cozier than large open areas. So as opposed to opening your whole backyard for the barbecue, make it more intimate using lanterns or plants — it allows people to socialize in bigger groups as opposed to wondering off for a one-on-one.


If guests choose to bring something, liquor is always the best option. Nobody wants to be dealing with big bouquets of flowers while you’re trying to pour drinks, so try to encourage guests to bring a bottle if  possible. Other than that, just enjoy the special time off with your family and friends while trying out some of our best recipe ideas.