Perfect Pairings: Ingredient Duos That Will Blow Your Mind

Keep reading to find out what recipes make it into this week’s SWAT

This week The Daily Meal reached out to our dedicated network of Culinary Content Network (CCN) of food bloggers in search of recipes with awesome flavor combinations.

We were sent so many submissions it was so hard to choose which ones to include, but in the end, there were some recipes that were thoughtful, well executed and…just got it. Their authors understood the theme in the most delicious ways: chocolate and caramel, lemon and blueberry, mango and mint; this collection of recipes will bring you to perfect food pairing heaven.  Here are some highlights from this week’s submissions:

Pairing: Burrata + Plum

This Lemon Burrata and Poached Plum Crostini is a perfect mix of sweet, salty, and tangy. Find the original recipe from Divine Cuisine here.

Pairing: Lemon + Poppy Seed

Lemons and poppy seeds are a match made in food heaven, and this recipe for Lemon Poppy Seed Pancakes gives us a large dose of both! Get this recipe from The View From Great Island here.

Pairing: Apples + Goat Cheese

How good does this Apple Chevre Flatbread look? Mon Petit Four combines sweetness of apples plays with the tang and salinity of the chevre— check out the beautifully simple recipe here.


All strong competitors, but Coley Cook stole the show this week with a Fried Manchego With Lavender Honey recipe. I don’t know what sounds more enticing: fried manchego or lavender honey. Luckily, I don’t have to choose! Get the recipe on Coley Cook’s blog.